How Does PEMF Therapy Help Protect You From 5G?

What is 5G? 

5G is the 5th generation of mobile network. It was deployed in 2019 world wide and it is designed to increase connectivity speeds, download speeds, increase channel sizes .. overall it is essentially 4G on steroids. It is bigger, better, faster and stronger.

In today’s modern world there are good EMF’s and bad EMF’s.

It is all about frequency and exposure!

The determining factor for benefit or harm lies in the frequency of the EMF. High frequencies are unnatural for our cells and can cause damage. While low frequencies that are harmonious to what the Earth produces contribute to healing.


The Earth generates natural frequencies from 0-30 Hertz, with three main frequencies: 7.83 hertz (Schumann Resonance), 11.75 hertz (at the equator) and 11.79 hertz (at each pole).

As you can see in these PubMED studies below. High frequency, damaging EMF’s can lead to a number of illnesses:

While low frequency EMF’s have been shown to promote healing:

How Does PEMF Therapy Protect You From 5G?

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy works with your body to bring you back into synchronization with the Earth’s natural frequencies. 

We are designed to be in harmony with the Earths vibrations and when we are, we flourish. This is why when you go for a hike or spend a day outdoors you don’t just feel better you are better!

Consequently, when we are not in sync we begin to exhibit signs of stress, anxiety, illness, suppressed immune system and insomnia. 

Fortunately we are able to bring our bodies back in sync with the earth by using a PEMF device or a PEMF Mat that mimic the earth’s heart beat.

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