Everything you need to know before buying a Bemer Mat


Everything you need to know before buying a Vitamat

Ranked in at #3 is the Bemer Mat. Usually when people think of PEMF devices or PEMF Mats they think of The Bemer Group as they have pioneered the way for PEMF technology.

The acronym for Bemer stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation. It was the 1990’s when Bemer started composing the fundamentals around their PEMF devices.

Over the years they have grown their company with Bemer Distributors using a MLM style of marketing (multi-level marketing).

Although the Bemer mat lacks customizable features it’s technology is specifically designed to target problem areas around micro circulation.

In this review below we will take a look at Bemer’s PEMF therapy in depth as well as their warranty, certification and beak down the difference between the Bemer class and pro.


Bemer mat - PEMF Therapy

Ranked in at #4 for best far infrared device is the Vitamat. For this review, we will be analyzing everything from healing properties-construction-warranty/guarantee.

The Vitamat is another far infrared device that offers similar healing therapies as the Richway Biomat. It includes far infrared therapy, natural crystals and negative ion therapy. 

The Vitamat is uniquely constructed of 13 different layers, including a top waterproofing layer. Like the Healthy Wave Soft and Flexible, the Vitamat can be rolled up for easy storage or used on a surface that isn’t flat; like a couch or chair.



What is MLM Style of Marketing?

MLM style of business (also known as network marketing or referral marketing), is when a company sells their products or services through a third party person to person sales.

The down fall of buying products/services from a MLM company is that their prices are greatly inflated because multiple people need a cut of the commissions.

… are you paying for more than what you are getting?

Other examples of MLM style companies are:

  • Avon
  • Arbonne
  • Herbalife
  • It Works!
  • Mary Kay
  • World Financial Group (WFG)

What is the Difference Between the Bemer Pro and the Bemer Classic?

The main differences of the two are the applicators and the controller. (later on we will review the two differences in detail)

They both contain the same healing properties, weight, frequencies, intensity and wave form.

What Kind of Healing Properties Does the Vitamat Have?

Vitamat technology supports three healing therapies:

  •  Far Infrared Therapy
  • Healing Crystals
  • Negative Ion Therapy

If you are looking for a mat with more healing therapies, check out our review on the healthy wave multi wave mat

Far Infrared Therapy

What is Far Infrared Therapy

Similar to PEMF therapy, far infrared therapy is an invisible form of electromagnetic energy.

What is the Most Effective Wave Form?

Every different area in your body has a different healing “sweet spot”. By this we mean that there is not one particular far infrared wave length that caters to you entire body. 

As you can see here in this PubMed study, the most optimal far infrared wave length for:

  • Wound healing: 5.6um-12um
  • Neurological stimulation: 2.1um-6.1um
  • Photoaging (skin repair): 3.5um-5um 

In reference to this chart, the most effective range of FIR is between 2um- 14um. Indeed this range of FIR provides healing coverage for the entire body. 

Keeping that in mind, it is important to take into consideration when buying a far infrared mat to choose one that has a different range of FIR wave lengths. 

How Does the Vitamat Product Far Infrared Heat?

The Vitamat produces far infrared heat by heating up the healing crystal Jade. This produces a a far infrared wave length of 8-14 microns. This range of far infrared heat penetrates deep into your body.

How Does the Vitamat Compare to Other Far Infrared Devices?


Mat FIR Wave Length


8-14 Microns

Photon Light Therapy

Bemer Mat Pro Photon Therapy

Only the Bemer Mat Pro set comes with a red light therapy called the B.Light. The red LED light has the ability to penetrate 660 nm into the superficial layers of your skin, (mainly focusing on the epidermis, and some of the dermis and hypodermis).

Unlike most healing devices, the B.light is a red light therapy applicator and is not generated by the PEMF or from natural crystals. This applicator is not incorporated into the mat and can be used separately for point application of red light therapy. 

If you are using the B.light on your face, we strongly recommend that you wear goggles to protect your eyes from potential damage.

Bemer Classic vs. Pro

As briefly discussed above, the two main differences between the pro and classic are the applicators and controller. 

Upon further research the only different in the mat design is that the pro is made using a material called Alcentara, which is a synthetic textile material that helped improve durability and adds a stain protection.

Bemer Pro

  • 23.6” x 70.8″
  • $5990 USD



Bemer Classic

  • 23.6” x 70.8″
  • $4290 USD


As you can see from the chart the classic and pro set come with the same basic program options and treatments, but the classic includes less applicators.

The second difference is the (controller). The pro set includes a 2-in-1, touch screen so you can control two identical or different application modules. The Bemer Classic is controlled by buttons with its graphic display. 



Features pro classic

B. Spot (Spot Applicator)

B. Scan (Signal Tester)

B. Light

B. Pad (Wearable Pad)

B. Grip (Handle for B.Spot and B.Light)

Sleep Program

Pre-programmed Settings

10 Intensity Levels

B.Box Graphic Display

B. Box Touch Screen Display

2-1 Functionality

Fixing Strap (For B.Body and B.Grip)

Protective Glasses

Warranty and Guarantee

What is the Purpose of a Warranty?

The main purpose of a warranty is to provide assurance to the customer that what they are investing in is worth their dime and that it will last. And it shows confidence that the seller believes in their products abilities. (Please click here to for FDA written warranty guidelines)

When considering a PEMF machine it is important to consider the warranty for the controller. It is essential because the controllers are typically the most complex and expensive part of the device to fix/replace.

Bemer Mat Warranty

All Bemer devices come with a 3 year warranty, with an exception of the rechargeable battery and the B.light which only have a 6 month warranty.

Additionally, Bemer offers a 30 day money back guarantee IF bought directly from the Bemer website. Many of the local distributors have different terms/conditions and do not offer the same 30 day money back guarantee.

In order to stay in agreement with Bemer’s return policy they require that all returns follow these conditions:

  • Return request made within 30 days of purchase
  • Unopened, in the original packaging
  • Original invoice
  • Any additional accessories are returned with order
If all of these are met you can return your order with an additional 10% restocking fee.


FDA Class 501(k) – All Bemer products are FDA Registered as a class 1 medical device and are cleared for sale as a safe product in the Untied Sates.

– A 501(K) form contains detailed technical, safety and performance information on a medical device. The documentation must            demonstrate the device as “substantially equivalent” to a product that has already been cleared for sale in the US. The FDA must         review the 510(k) and register your device before you can legally sell or distribute in the United States. 

CE Certification – CE stands fro European conformity and it means that the Bemer products have been deemed safe for use in Europe.

ISO Certification – Bemer products comply with ISO 13485, which is a certification for medical devices in Europe that has met all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

MDC Marketing – A certification done by the MDC, which is an independent review company that specializes in the medical field to ensure that the devices are safe. 

Where to Buy

There are many different places to purchase the Bemer mats and accessories. Although you can buy from a IBD (Independent Bemer Distributor),we recommend that you purchase directly from the Bemer website (to ensure guarantee/warranty), or purchasing a gently used one off of Ebay.

Final Thoughts

This brings us back to the first statement: Value

The Bemer mats are 2-4x more expensive than its competitors, do you think that they are 2-4x better? Are you paying more than what you are getting?

Taking everything into consideration the Bemer Mat demonstrates lack of customization and lacks supporting therapies that could increase value in terms of additional therapies, (negative ions, crystals and red light therapy). Putting the mats into a “one-size-fits-all” healing category.

Although the Bemer Mat has been used for different therapies, it was mainly designed only to target problems associated with microcirculation. 

All-in-all the Bemer PEMF machine is a well built machine, researched and presented well with a lot of efforts by good people. It is a good choice for people or clinicians who are wanting to offer treatments with only one healing property or wanting to offer a treatment requiring to its specific functionality. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a PEMF device that has more person customization and more therapies included read our review on the healthy wave mats.

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