Everything you need to know before buying a Healthy Wave PEMF Therapy Mat

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro Mat is a 5 therapy pemf device that includes PEMF therapy, far infrared therapy, photon therapy, 5 types of healing crystals and negative ion therapy.

With the addition of these four therapies, it makes this Healthy Wave PEMF Therapy mat unique to the market as it is the only mat of it’s kind that supports these bonus healing therapies as well as provides 313 billion customization options.

Apart from that, the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat has the best warranty and satisfaction guarantee promise which shows confidence in the sellers product that no other PEMF therapy device offers. (2 year full warranty on the mat + 5 years for the controller and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee).

Below you can read a more in depth review where we dive into the details of this PEMF device and PEMF Therapy.


healthy wave pemf therapy


Everything you need to know before buying a Healthy Wave Mat

healthy wave pemf therapy
Therapies Included


Far Infrared


Negative Ion

Photon therapy 


10 Preprogrammed 20 minute sessions

2 Preprogrammed 1 hour sessions

Wave Form: Sine and Square

Pulse Duration: Medium, Fast and Ultra-Fast 

Frequency: 1-25 Hertz

Intensity: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%



Two year full warranty for the mat 
5 year full warranty on the controller 


45 day satisfaction guarantee 

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat Pro is a 5 therapy PEMF device that includes far infrared therapy, photon therapy, 5 types of healing crystals and negative ion therapy. 

With the addition of these four therapies it makes this mat unique to the market as it is the only mat of it’s kind that supports these bonus healing therapies as well as provides 313 billion customization options.

Apart from that, the Multi Wave Mat has a tremendous warranty and satisfaction guarantee promise which shows confidence in the sellers product that no other PEMF device offers. 

Below you can read a more in depth review where we dive into the details of this PEMF device.

Therapies Customization Warranty/Guarantee Other Customer Reviews


Far Infrared


Negative Ion

Photon therapy 

10 Preprogrammed 20 minute sessions

2 Preprogrammed 1 hour sessions

Wave Form: Sine and Square

Pulse Duration: Medium, Fast and Ultra-Fast 

Frequency: 1-25 Hertz

Intensity: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%


Two year full warranty for the mat 
5 year full warranty on the controller 


90 day satisfaction guarantee 

Dianne Zakowicz
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I am a new owner of the healthy wave mat for about 6 weeks and I must say using another mat I seemed to have hit a plateau and couldn’t move on for the better. Since my new mat I can feel the difference! I can’t believe the difference I’m living my life again I have been living with chronic pain for a many years and now I can say I found my magic pill. I also have a mat for my 2 chihuahuas they love their mats! I would recommend this product
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Before I got my mat I was experiencing muscle spasms in my back around 4:00 a.m.. The muscle spasms are gone, but there is some tenderness when I get up from laying down. I have been only able to use the mat once a day from 30 – 60 minutes per day. My stamina is so much better now and I can do more things around the house in one day. I don’t even notice the arthritis (bone on bone) in my knees anymore. I can go up and down stairs a little better.
Adam Ross
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This mat is helping with my overall health. Both my wife and I note that we go into a meditative state with it but I really do think it's helped our anxiety issues. As the anxiety drops, the perception of pain drops as well.


What is PEMF Therapy?

Over time the cells in your body degenerate and PEMF therapy is a natural way to recharge your body. Like a cell phone needs to be recharged every night, so does your body.

PEMF therapy targets the mitochondria of your cells. The mitochondria is responsible for creating adenosine triphosphate which is what your body uses for energy. It delivers a low frequency charge to your mitochondria so that your cells can be restored and healthy.



Wait, Are EMF’s Dangerous?

You may have heard that electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) that are produced by things such as computers, power lines, wireless routers, ect.. are harmful to the human body.  This is true.

Chronic disease and illness associated with non-specific symptoms are on the rise and are shown to be directly correlated with bad EMF’s. You can see in this PubMed study here, the negative health effect from over exposure of high frequency EMF waves.

Additionally, The World Health Organization states that high frequency EMF’s are health hazard. However, they have affirmed that low frequency EMF’s are beneficial because they cause our cells to stimulate and promote cellular repair.

What Kind of PEMF Therapy Does the Multi Wave Mat Have?

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro Mat is the newest addition to the PEMF Therapy family and it has quickly risen to #1 for many reasons. It is the first and only pemf device of it’s kind that allows you to have the ability to take control of the most important aspects of PEMF Therapy, such as:

  • Wave type – Square wave or Sine wave
  • Frequency – 1-25 pulses per second (HZ)
  • Intensity (drop off rate) – Medium, fast or ultra fast
  • Pulse Durations – up to 300 milli-gauss (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%)

The reason that this feature plays such a big factor is because each cell has its own individual needs and researchers have conculded that different conditions respond to different frequencies. 

In other words PEMF therapy is not one size fits all. So if you are using a PEMF device with only one wave type, frequency or intensity you are neglecting the needs of some of your cells and only providing healing power to a select few.

These four customizable features of the Multi Wave Mat pro are powered by 8 pure copper coils. Copper coils are known to be most effective because of their high level of electrical conductivity.

As well as having a fully customizable controller it comes prepared with 10 pre-programmed 20 minute sessions and 2 pre-programmed 1 hour sessions.

The 20 minute sessions consist of 4 different PEMF combinations that consist of different wave types, frequency, intensities, and pulse duration, so that it can target different cell groups to regenerate.

Wave Form

Unlike most PEMF devices, the Multi Wave Mat allows you to choose between the Square wave or the Sine wave. The reason it is important to have choice is because a wave either mimic (enhance) or counteract (diminish) the processes in the body.

Both sine and square wave shapes have been used extensively in studies and clinical applications. Although there is no research that shows that one particular wave shape is better than another, the sine wave is the most extensively researched wave shape.


PEMF frequency is defined as pulses per second. (ie. 15 hertz = pulses 15 times/second).

The Earth naturally produces it’s own electromagnetic waves of 1-30 hertz, which is controlled by lightening strikes around the globe.

Frequency is closely associated to wavelength. Therefor, having a slower frequency means you have a longer wave length. The goal of a PEMF device is to produce a magnetic field that enhances the body’s healing properties AND conduct a wave length that will completely penetrate the body. This requires a very long wave length and low frequency. (PUB Med PEMF Frequency breast cancer study)

In between 1-30 hertz is where the magic happens inside the body. The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat has frequencies that range from 1-25 hertz, working almost harmonious with the Earth’s natural frequencies. This gives you the customizable ability of having 25 different options to choose from for maximum healing power. 


PEMF intensity is the maximum magnetic field strength reach in the PEMF pulse. Typically the lower the intensity (with the appropriate waveforms), has proven to result in better healing of the body. Moreover, if the intensity is too high and exposure is too long it can have a harmful effect on the body.

Although lower intensity is more favourable than high intensity for body rejuvenation, studies have shown that high intensity devices have been used to treat diseases such as cancer. But keep in mind, if the cancer cells are damaged, so are your good ones. (Note: using high intensity devices should be approved by a physician before use)

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat produces PEMF intensity up to 3 milli-gauss. Unlike any other PEMF device on the market the controller has 5 different settings of intensity, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Just like the wavelength and frequency, it gives you the option to pick and choose what healing power works best for you.

Pusle Duration

Pulse duration is the measurement of the rise and fall of waves. In simpler terms how quickly the electromagnetic field on a PEMF device turns on and off. This is an imperative component when choosing a PEMF device because some people can have sensitivities to EMF’S and can actually feel the PEMF waves; so they usually prefer slower settings.

Nevertheless, everyone is different and has different preferences. With that into consideration a big advantage to the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat is it has the option to choose from 3 settings (medium, fast and ultra-fast), which most mats don’t offer. The customization of this property allows the Healthy Wave Mat to be more suitable for a wider variety of people. (Click here to read more about the benefits of PEMF Therapy – Includes PubMED Studies)

Far Infrared Therapy

What is Far Infrared Therapy?

All living organisms are subjected to the natural electromagnetic radiation from the sun. Using a far infrared device allows you to get the same benefits from the sun without being exposed to harmful UV rays. 

Far infrared radiation (FIR) is a natural form of thermal therapy. Although the FIR wavelength is too long to be seen with the eyes, your body experiences its energy as it deeply penetrates into your body (about 1 1/2 inches beneath the skin). From that wave, your body is able to absorb about 93% of the far infrared energy that your cells use to regenerate or repair.  

What is the Best Way to Get the Benefits?

Other fair infrared devices (such as a saunas) have to operate at higher temperatures as the heat source is further away from the body. Unanimously, the most effective and safe way to deliver FIR waves is through a far infrared device that operates at a low temperature.

Multi Wave’s Far Infrared Therapy

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave mat is designed to be used directly against the skin so it can be used at a lower temperature allowing you to receive the full healing benefits without causing damage to your body.

The far infrared heats up externally to 55 degrees Celsius and deeply penetrates up to 5-14um. It is equipped with a 1-12 hour on/off timer which allows you to have a full nights rest experiencing the healing benefits. 

In addition to the healing properties of far infrared therapy, the far infrared heat that is generated works synergistically with the natural crystals in the mat to generate negative ions for additional healing properties. (Click here to read more about the benefits of far infrared therapy – Includes PubMED Studies)

Negative Ion Therapy

What is a Negative Ion?

A negative ion is an atom that has an extra charged electron.  They are used to neutralize positive ions (also known as free radicals). 

As the saying goes opposites attract. So if there is an imbalance between positive and negative ions, a positive ion will pull an electron off its neighbouring molecule which causes a chain reaction to radicals being ripped off other molecules. Therefor, damaging cells; which increases risk for diseases and degeneration of organs.

Where Can You Find Negative Ions?

Negative ions are found in nature particularly around bodies of water or somewhere after a thunderstorm. That is why you don’t just feel better after going for a hike, you actually are better!

Unfortunately the more developed an area has become the less negative ions it contains. The good news is that we are able to supplement our bodies when we are lacking negative ions.

The crystals in the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat work hand-in-hand with far infrared to produce 3000+ negative ions per square inch. Consequently, cleansing your body and ending the war between negative and positive ions.

How Long Do I Have to Lay on the Mat to Get the Benefits?

Lying on the mat for 20 minutes a day provides you with all of the negative ions you need, plus more to spare! During this time, your body is recharged with hundreds of thousands of negative ions that help neutralize positive ions and combat oxidative stress.

Crystal Therapy

What Type of Crystals are in the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat?

The far infrared heat is generated by a unique collection of natural crystals. Using a combination of amethyst, jade, quartz and tourmaline, this mat is able to hit 4 slightly different spectrums of far infrared therapy.

In addition to having these four crystals that power the far infrared and negative ions, the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Mat contains a crystal called obsidian. Obsidian is not known for generating far infrared heat or negative ions, but rather it is known for its physical and mental healing ability.

Uniquely the Multi Wave Mat is additionally crafted with Quartz. In addition to generating negative ions is also known for amplifying healing properties of other crystals.  

What Crystal Generates the Most Negative Ions?

Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline all generate negative ions. The crystal that generates the most is Tourmaline. Tourmaline can generate negative ions even when not heated and it typically produces 1500+ negative ions per square inch.

healthy wave crystal therapy - PEMF Mat


Emits a strong and steady flow of far infrared and negative ions. Promotes better wellness and a better quality of life.

Healthy Wave - Tourmaline - PEMF Mat


Produces the highest amount of negative ions. Improves the body’s ability to recover energy and detoxify itself.

Healthy Wave - Jade- pemf device


Helps the body function more efficiently by stabilizing your energy levels. Emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for meditation.

Healthy Wave - Quartz - pemf device


Is used to amplify the properties of other crystals and gemstones by magnifying the healing vibrations of other crystals that it has contact with.

Healthy Wave - Obsidian - pemf device


Metaphysical properties shield against internal and external negativity. Helps the body better cleanse itself.

Photon Therapy

What is Photon Therapy? (Red Light)

Red light therapy is like photosynthesis for humans. Red light waves penetrate our body 4-5mm beneath the skin, giving light to our cells which is converted into energy.

There have been many studies done on the medical benefits of Red Light Therapy, some include:

How Does it Work?

The photons from the red light wave are absorbed by the mitochondria, (aka, the power house of the cell). The mitochondria is responsible for producing all the energy (ATP) that is required for all functions within our body.  When we increase the function of the mitochondria we can produce more ATP. Thus leaving your cells with more energy so they can efficiently rejuvenate and repair damage. 

How Long Can I Safely Apply Red Light Therapy?

Red Light therapy is a safe and effective way to relieve pain and rejuvenate the body. With that being said, there is no recommended time frame that is for safe use, but we do recommend keeping your time to an hour per session.

How Does the Healthy Wave Multi Waves Photon Therapy Work?

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro Mat uses 60 red light led lights with wave lengths at 660 nanometers. It uses a lower wave length because studies have proven that using a lower level led light is most effective wavelength for body rejuvenation and repair. Additionally the controller has the ability to turn off the therapy and has an automatic 1 hour timer to ensure safe use of the mat. 

PubMed Study

Low-level Laser Therapy Benefits for Nonpharmacological Pain Control in Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis

Objective: The purpose of this research article was to present a summary of the possible pain management benefits of LLLT.

Click Here to Review Study

Warranty and Guarantee

The main purpose of a warranty is to provide assurance to the customer that what they are investing in is worth their dime and that it will last. And it shows confidence that the seller believes in their products abilities. (Please click here to for FDA written warranty guidelines)

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro mat warranty checks off all of the boxes when evaluating a warranty. It is backed with a 2 year full replacement warranty for the mat, as well as a 5 year extended warranty for the controller. 

Having a full warranty means that if you have any issues with your pemf device, you will be sent a new replacement mat. This avoids fixing a problem with a bandaid and having problems with it down the road.

The controller is the highest wear and tear part of a mat and is usually the most expensive part to fix. Having a 5 year warranty on the controller reassures you as the consumer that you are choosing the right device.

No other healing mat company provides their customers with longer than a 30 day guarantee, and many don’t even offer you 100% money back. With a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assure that Healthy Wave Mat’s is confident in their products.


FDA Registered  The FDA has approved all of the Healthy Wave Therapy Mats for safe use

FCC Certification – The FCC certifies all electromagnetic devices that are deemed safe for use in the USA. It has approved all products from the Healthy Wave Mat store.

CE Certification – The CE certifies all manufactures that comply with the safe and standards of the European Economic Area. In other words, it is approved for safe use in Europe. All of the Healthy Wave products are CE approved.

GAI Certification – The GAI works to authenticate different types of crystals. Again, all Healthy Wave products are GAI approved.

ISPA Certification – The ISPA (International spa association) overlooks the industry to insure that all products on the market are safe to use. All Healthy Wave products are ISPA certified.

Mat Sizing and Specifications

All mats are thoroughly constructed with non-toxic, durable materials for a total of 18 different layers. (click here to see the break down of all the layers) Each of these layers work together synergistically to promote healing within the body as well as block out damaging high frequency EMF’s.

Pro Mat:

  • 74”x 28” 
  • 8 copper coils
  • Weight 26lbs 
  • Priced at $2499.00
  • Includes all therapies listed above (see product page)

Healthy Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Mat:

  • 72” x 24”
  • 6 copper coils
  • Weight 24 lbs
  • Priced at $2798.60
  • Includes all therapies listed above (see product page)

Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Mat:

  • 60”x24”
  • 6 copper coils
  • Weight 18lbs 
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Priced at $2238.60
  • Includes all therapies listed above (see product page)

Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared:

  • 32”x20”
  • 4 copper coils
  • Weight 8 lbs
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Priced at $1398.60
  • Includes all therapies listed above (see product page)

My Personal Healthy Wave Multi Wave Review

I first started using PEMF therapy to help treat my chronic back pain and fatigue. (read more of my story here)

After researching multiple PEMF therapy mats, (including the Bemer mat and other healthy wave products), I decided the best mat for me and my budget was the Healthy Wave Multi Wave…

And let me tell you it did not disappoint. 

There were a few reasons I went with the Health Wave Multi Wave over other PEMF mats:

  • Best warranty and guarantee for any pemf mat and the controller, so if it didn’t end up working for me I could return it for a full refund.
  • Most customizable mat, so I could try different settings to see what works best for my body.
  • Included 5 healing therapies: PEMF, far infrared, negative ions, red light therapy and crystal therapy – PubMed studies have shown that these therapies work synergistically to produce the best healing results
  • Made in the USA 

What my Daily Road to Recovery Looked Like:

  • 20 minutes lying on the mat before bed using the preset setting F5 (Before sleep)
  • 20 minutes in the morning when I woke up F10 (Wake up and Energy)

The reason I chose F10 over F8 (general regeneration) is because the frequency selection was similar between the two but I needed extra help to be energized in the morning. 

Almost Instantly I noticed Benefits

  • Improved sleep quality – I am sleeping through the night instead of waking up multiple times. And falling asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed vs. lying there for hours and not being able to sleep
  • Reduced anxiety about my day because I was able to relax prior to starting work
  • No lower back pain when I’m sleeping or working

After about two weeks of my PEMF sessions, I started to notice that I no longer had chronic back pain after a long day of work and I no longer needed my wrist brace when working on my computer. 

I am able to go on longer runs and cycles because my back doesn’t ache. And I’m no longer missing out on birthday parties, weddings and family celebrations because I have my energy back. 

For the first time in my life I feel like I can do the things I love again, without the limitations of being exhausted and in pain from simple tasks.

Pro’s and Con’s About The Mat


  • Far infrared heat is super soothing in the evenings and gets you nice and relaxed prior to going to bed 
  • Small enough that I can take it with me if I travel
  • Has 5 healing therapies
  • 5 year extended warranty if anything goes wrong with the mat 


  • Controller was a bit confusing, but I found instructions here that helped me
  • The mat is stiff so you can’t roll it up to put it away, but it does fold in two places
  • There are 313 billion customization options, so it was a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. But this PDF on the controller settings helped me find a good starting point for my issues 

I’ve been using this mat since December 2020 and it has improved my quality of life drastically. I no longer live with chronic back and elbow pain. And I no longer feel exhausted all the time. PEMF therapy is known to help people with other illnesses diseases, you can see more of that here on our PubMed study page.

Final Thoughts

The Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro Mat can be purchased from the Healthy Wave Store, that is based in the United States. 

In addition the having PEMF therapy, this mat also supports 4 additional therapies: far infrared, crystal, negative ions and photon therapy. These four therapies, along with the 313 billion customization options makes this mat unique to the market.

Compared to other pemf devices, the Healthy Wave Multi Wave Pro Mat is sold at a significantly lower cost and includes more. 

Moreover, the uniqueness of this PEMF Mat has undoubtedly slid into #1 for the best PEMF Mat on the market.

Curious to learn more about the healing therapies?